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Game of Thrones, NBA Edition (Game of Zones)

Winter is coming to the NBA. And yes, they have dragons. 

Like it hahahaa

Quart Moon on Flickr.

Red Sky Backyard on Flickr.

Orange Sunset on Flickr.

Im that kind of person

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It’s cool to read this post while listen to ” You Wear a Crown But You’re No King”

Humble !



In our scene, Artist of the Year is often reserved for bands that either make their mark by crossing over into commercial success or are surrounded by drama. On Pup Fresh, we do not shy away from either of these things, however, we feel that the band worthy of holding our ~prestigious AOTY award doesn’t have to be one that sells out arenas, charges fans money to meet them, or fights with teenagers on Twitter. We looked for a band we saw as most humble, hardworking, and talented. A band we saw break out and have the most impactful year of their career. A band that hasn’t yet peaked and we see as still growing. A band that has popularity on our website and a diehard fanbase. And most importantly, a band that possesses the one key ingredient that matters most: sass.

Unfortunately, we ended up with Blessthefall.

Seriously tho, we honestly do feel like Blessthefall more than deserves to be our AOTY. This band is ridiculously overlooked and they had one hell of a year. From releasing their most successful album to playing the main stage at Warped all summer, they really made their mark, grew as a band, and did it all the while treating their fans with the respect they deserve. These are some of the best dudes you will ever meet and they make some kick-ass music. Check out our Artist of the Year interview with the band below where they recap their year and stuff.

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Black winter